Want to Become a Personal Trainer? Here’s How

Working as a personal trainer is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy a rewarding and challenging profession. As a personal trainer, you will be able to help to make a real and positive difference in people’s lives, as well as having a lot of fun and keeping super fit. There is also a huge demand for professional personal trainers because many people want to take steps to change their lives for the better. But if you think you would like to pursue a career in this area, where should you start?

The first thing that you will have to do in order to work as a personal trainer is to get qualified. The basic qualification that you will need is the qualification in Level 3 Personal Training. This will demonstrate that you have the required skills and abilities, and is the minimum level that you will need in order to start finding work as a personal trainer.

You can complete your qualification by attending a personal training course from Future Fit or another professional training centre, and once you have done this you will be in a good position to start your career.

If you want to work as a self-employed personal instructor, you will need to set your business up properly. First of all, you should register with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Many clients may ask you about this before they hire you and it is highly recommended that you are on the register.

Next, sort out another important aspect of working as a self-employed personal instructor, which is public liability insurance. You will also have to sort out your tax situation and National Insurance contributions, and you may well want to hire an accountant to help you with this. You will also have to register your business with HMRC.

Start to Specialise

The qualification in Level 3 Personal Training is a great start, but you should really just see it as a start if you are serious about becoming a successful personal trainer. In order to compete and stand out from the competition, you will want to be able to offer a bit more than just the basics.

It is therefore a good idea to choose a target market and continue your training through training courses. There are many training courses available for personal trainers in various specialities, and through building up your skills you can start to offer a more interesting and specialised service for your clients, which could help you to find more work.

Enjoy a Successful Career as a Personal Trainer

You will find working as a personal trainer a very rewarding job, so start looking for courses today so that you can get your qualification and start to build your career. Don’t forget about the importance of marketing your business once you are set up. However, the best marketing of all is word-of-mouth, so once you start providing an excellent service, word will spread and you will soon find yourself very busy.

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