Check Your Health with Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

High blood pressure disease is a disease that affects many human beings in the world. In the hospital or doctor’s office, blood pressure was measured with a device that uses mercury tube, cuff and stethoscope. For daily use at home requires a special skill if you want to use the equipment mentioned above.

Then use the digital blood pressure monitors. To address concerns about the disease as well as daily health, use of blood pressure monitors will be able to provide a secure feeling for someone.

With oxygen-rich blood is pumped to the organs of the human body through the arteries with each heartbeat. Each time the heart contracts, the force applied on the artery wall can be measured with a blood pressure monitor that will give the pressure readings.

For those who are vulnerable to high blood pressure, this monitor is very useful in order to take action when there is deviation from the standard readings on the monitor. The monitor should be used at the same time every day, after sitting for at least five minutes rest, for reading the monitor can be compared to every day in the same condition.

The result of these measurements will be valuable information at the time of the examination held by an expert physician in determining the diagnosis and treatment in cases where the results deviate from the standard reading.

Two types of digital blood pressure monitors are most commonly used are:

Digital Monitor to the top of the arm. This monitor is the most reliable and accurate, for example Omron BP791IT or Omron BP785.
Digital Monitor “wrist” or “finger”. Monitor type is less reliable and accurate than the model for the upper arm due to changes in body temperature or movement can affect the reading. Monitor wrist should be near the heart during the reading to have a fairly accurate measurement results.

Once a year should be compared to the monitor readings are used to reading performed by a specialist practice in place to ensure that the monitors that are used everyday it still has the correct readings.

It should also be sure that the size of the monitor is suitable and comfortable on the arm as if it is too tight then the readings will be higher than actual.

How the blood pressure monitors works:

The cuff will inflate to a certain level and then deflate again when the start button on the monitor is pressed. A sensor in the cuff will detect the heartbeat and will give two readings, the higher number indicates the systolic and the lower number indicates diastolic pressure, for normal healthy people each 90-135 mmHg and 50-90 mmHg. The monitor will also detect the pulse rate for healthy people who would be about 80 per minute.

It is expected that by using the above equipment on a regular basis then it can be avoided due to fatal to human health such as experiencing “stroke” and the others.

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