3 Fun Ways to Stay Body Fit

Exercise is a must for people who want to keep an ideal body shape, healthy and fit. But for some people, doing the regular exercise is sometimes not easy.

The reason for this can vary. Not enough time, boring or the most popular excuse is laziness. If those three things that make you do not exercise, some of these activities may help you get the benefits of exercise in a way more fun.

Anything? Quoted from Sofeminine, here are three activities that make the body stay fit without having to go to the gym or strenuous exercise:

Join Dance Classes

You only have time to spare on Saturday and Sunday? Why not take advantage of your holiday to join a dance class. You can choose the type of dance you like, ranging from Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Salsa, Tango or a traditional Indonesian dance.

Whatever type you choose, the dance can make the whole body moving. Following a dance class for an hour or two will give benefits such as gymnastics. Plus, you can have fun without realizing been burning calories and fat!

Running and Music

Running is one of the most inexpensive sports to get the ideal body. Wake up as early as possible, breathe the fresh air and start getting ready to run around the complex around your home. Bring ‘iPod’ or MP3 player and play your favorite songs to accompany your running activity. While listening to music, sports run will be more relaxed and enjoyable.


Other tips in a fun sport is cycling. There are several models of bicycles that are specially designed for women so they can more comfortably and safely while you drive. You can bike around the complex urban home or garden area. Do not forget to wear a protective knee, keds shoes are comfortable and helmet.

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